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Jeroboam Wine Facts and Information

JEROBOAM: A wine bottle holding 4/5 of a gallon (3.03 litres).

The Jeroboam wine or champagne bottle is large, able to hold four standard size bottles of wine (4 x 750cl).

The Jeroboam wine bottle is also known as a Double-Magnum bottle holding the same amount of Wine.

The Jeroboam bottle varies with different regions in France. i.e Jeroboam 3 Liters in Champagne (4 Standard Bottles), and Jeroboam 4.5 Liters in Bordeaux (6 Standard Bottles).

A jeroboam is a very large wine bottle, able to hold the same quantity as 4 bottles of wine (3 litres) in the case of champagne and port, and 6 bottles of wine (4.5 litres) in the case of claret.